Transport and integrated container logistics, storage and logistics, preclearance and logistics

Cigisped integrated logistics provides a range of services that covers any transport need. Our strong place in the international market allows us to follow each transportation: overland transport, transport by sea or transport by air. Our sales and operations network with agents and correspondents guarantees the best service.

The Cigisped Integrated Logistics division exploits the work together within the Group. The department follows every import and export shipping stage. Our Agents take care to combine land, sea transport and air transport. This organization guarantees clear benefits for our Clients, both costs and periods.

Integrated logistics - Transport and integrated container logistics, storage and logistics, preclearance and logistics

Integrated container logistics

Cigisped negotiates service contracts with major shipping companies. The company relies on dedicated spaces on the main scheduled services. We count on technological media to check your goods. We check the travel from the port of departure to the destination.

Cigisped is an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) and has an agency network in the world's main ports. The company guarantees the highest standards and reliability equal to those of the scheduled carriers. Cigisped manages and gives shipping services for FCL, LCL, FLAT RACK, OPEN TOP, IN GAUGE CONTAINER, OUT OF GAUGE CONTAINER, for SPECIAL CARGO, REEFER CONTAINER and IMO CONTAINER.

Integrated logistics - Integrated container logistics

Warehousing: storage container solutions

Cigisped relies on affiliated logistic platforms across Italy. The company offers storage services for nationalized goods and for foreign goods (bonded warehouse). We also offer packaging for special extra height/extra width/extra weight cargo, handling and storage of ADR dangerous goods. Container filling/emptying, flat rack lashing, LCL consolidation, goods sorting and delivery across Italy and abroad.

Integrated logistics - Warehousing: storage container solutions

Integrated logictics and industrial systems

Thanks to decades-long competences and resources, Cigisped manages the transport of any industrial system. Our qualified staff assesses every project and routes it. Agents use the best-suited carriers and resort to the partial or total chartering of ships specialized in that type of cargo. Our consolidated and specialized agency network across the main international markets, allows us to manage the loading / discharging operations of the industrial system and check deliveries to the job site.

Integrated logistics - Integrated logictics and industrial systems

Customs preclearance

Cigisped relies on customs officers to manage import/export customs operations. These agents manage these activities in the shortest time possible, facilitating customs clearance rules. Experienced officers will manage your healthcare and dangerous goods paperwork, and radiometric controls. Cigisped gives preclearance services in affiliated ports. The impact of this procedure will cut the waiting time at the terminal.

Dedicated people follow EU and non-EU regulations. We offer a dedicated consulting to our Clients and companies operating with foreign countries. We solve any issue about currencies, taxation, import prohibitions, visas and certificates, exemptions and domiciliation. Cigisped also takes care of obtaining documents, such as import and export authorizations, licenses, origin certificates, visas and legalization, fumigation.

Integrated logistics - Customs preclearance

Cross trade shipment and logistics

Cigisped provides a door-to-door cross trade services to please the Client needs. Cross trade shipment allows Clients to optimize transit times. Cross trade also ensures a cost reduction for any transport by sea, air freight and transport by air, and overland transport. This service covers any destination in the world for every type of goods loaded in: FCL, LCL, FLAT RACK, OPEN TOP, IN GAUGE CONTAINERS, OUT OF GAUGE CONTAINER, for SPECIAL CARGO, REEFER CONTAINER, and IMO CONTAINER. Cigisped covers all these services thanks to the widespread network of partners worldwide.

Integrated logistics - Cross trade shipment and logistics
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