Boat shipping via the Atlantic: here's when it is truly cost-effective

Recently, more and more companies have decided to turn to the business of offering boat transport services. However, the difference in costs for boat shipping via the Atlantic says a lot about the difference in the services provided. Yet, in actual fact, not all these companies are reliable.  We are talking about reliability in terms of professionalism - in every sense of the word - thus both from technical-operational and economical perspectives.

There have been instances of shipping contracts that have been freely drafted, which have not offered the beneficiary/owner of the boat the suitable guarantees. There are stories of transport companies that have made guarantees to their clients which, ultimately, they have not fulfilled. So, the cost seems really that the catch?

How can you figure out if behind a reasonable price lies a terrible service for boat shipping via the Atlantic, or - on the other hand - it is a good opportunity that you should seize?
There are actually a few strategies for assessing the real cost-effectiveness of boat shipping via the Atlantic. You just have to weigh up your choice by following a few tips


1. Check the conditions offered by the transport company 

Recently, some companies that used to ship boats via the Atlantic have filed for bankruptcy. To their great astonishment, many boat owners who had paid large sums saw their boats relegated to the departure points. If you make agreements to send your boat as cargo, learn to check the conditions that the company you intend to hire offers on the market. It is better to be wary of unsound companies, also in economic terms, because in the instance of bankruptcy or insufficient credit, you will not be able to claim back the money you paid.


2. Pay attention to costs that differ too much from the market average

In regards to the costs to for boat shipping via the Atlantic, prices vary from one provider to another. It's normal and right that this is the case. However, when the price requested is nowhere near the market average, you should consider things carefully. Too low a price may be a sign that the company lacks the suitable transportation means or does not comply with all the criteria and precautions required to guarantee flawless boat shipping via the Atlantic.

On the contrary, a high price does not necessarily translate into a high-quality service. We recommend carefully considering the services offered, perhaps looking at the corporate website, so as to see the actual quality of the services offered first-hand. In this regard, word-of-mouth also plays an important role. It is a good idea to choose truly established transport companies that are well-known for their consolidated market position. In this case, the risks are nullified completely.


3. Check that the transportation means match the service 

Boat shipping via the Atlantic is not child's play.

This ocean is the second largest on earth in terms of its size and covers around 20% of the earth's surface. It occupies an S-shaped basin, as extending north to south.  Divided as it is by equatorial currents at approximately 8°N on the northern latitude in two main sections, the North Atlantic Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean are no simple feat to cross.

Its average depth is 3,926 metres, which reduces to 3,332 is we consider the adjacent seas. This ocean is affected by the temperature of surface waters and ocean currents. Strong winds blow over the water and it is not always possible to divine the best choice of direction in order to avoid them.

As is easy to understand, boat shipping via the Atlantic is an undertaking that requires extensive experience and the addition of powerful, efficient ships and staff who are up to the job. It is therefore a good idea to carefully select the most suitable partner.

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