Everything you need to know in order to make a prudent and informed choice of boat transport

The cost of boat transport requested by a specialised company can vary considerably from one professional to another. In fact, it can change greatly even when the same professional prices the coverage for different services. As is clear to see, when it comes to this kind of transport, several factors need to be considered when determining the cost. There are those who, on principle, don't even look closely at the quote and just automatically choose the lowest. However, we would recommend not trusting those that offer a single cost or prices that are too low for boat transport.

Just like, on the other hand, it is not advantageous to choose professionals that apply higher prices in the belief that their services are more specialised or provide more expertise. People that do, run the risk of getting an ugly surprise, even though they've spent a lot of money. What they should do, rather, is consider the services indicated in the quote. These are the things that make a difference. To this we would add the opportunity to assess the consistency between the cost items listed on the quote and the effective usefulness of the same. A carrier that guarantees insurance is undoubtedly better than one that does not offer this coverage. Just as, conversely, a carrier in possession of bigger ships is no guarantee of quicker boat transport. Many variables and an endless amount of different factors affect the cost of boat transport. Some of these are given below.


1. Good and effective integrated logistics

The increased cost involved in the boat and yacht transport provided by some specialist companies may be down to additional services provided in support of the main service. For example, there is an integrated logistics service that can include container transport and special cargo, as well as oversized loads. This integrated logistics services is supported by technology that is able to monitor the goods throughout the entire trip, from the boarding port right up until the final destination. Just like there are companies that rely on an extensive network of agencies present in the world's major ports, thereby guaranteeing a standard of reliability that is truly significant.

The cost of boat transport can also vary according to the storage services offered, which rely on affiliated logistic platforms spread across Italy.


2. Staff experience and the range of tools and vessels available

It is obvious that the cost of boat and yacht transport will depend on acquired expertise. The resources required to manage the transport of any kind of industrial system can be added to this cost. All the possible technical aspects concerning boat and yacht transport should be considered. That is why making far-sighted choices is required, so that services can be planned and all the necessary tools are available.

There are companies that do not have large and powerful carriers. There are companies that have them and those - last but not least - which, even though they do not have them, make use of total or partial chartering of conventional cargo ships. It is clear that, in either case, boat transport cost varies greatly.


3. Customs assistance

Other services that not all companies are able to offer also affect the cost of boat transport: one of these, to mention only one, is help with customs. The formalities and bureaucracy that customs clearance involves are nothing short of convoluted.

Escaping the grasp of this system is made possible through the additional services offered. In all these cases, the professionals assigned with the transport deal with all custom procedures concerning import/export carrying out all the paperwork in regards to health issues and dangerous goods, etc. This is an extremely detailed and complex task for the issuance of documents, licences, certificates, visas, authentications and fumigations.


4. Air transport

Another fundamental element that inevitably affects the cost of boat transport is the option of transporting the vessels by air.

There are truly very few companies that provide air transport, which is why it is right that they obtain a special qualification. There are companies that are able to offer import and export services, from collection to punctual delivery, to any destination also, when so required, by air. It is clear that a company of this kind will tend to request a boat transport cost that is appropriately adequate for this unique and rare superior service. This is a service which very few companies within Italy are able to offer. Thus, the distinction between the boat transport cost comes down to quality, expertise and excellence in terms of the services provided. However, be careful: it's important to check that they actually exist. Only because real quality pays for itself.

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