How to recognise companies specialised in boat transport by ship and how to distinguish them from companies with less expertise

For operators offering boat transport by ship, crossing the ocean is no walk in the park... in every sense. Possessing a ship capable of "engulfing" other large boats and transferring them to other parts of the globe is no simple task: the purchases costs and those for maintenance and fuel are extremely high. Not to mention the fact that the difficulties surrounding logistics and personnel are also numerous.

That is why you should entrust real professionals who offer the option of choosing boat transport by ship rather than by air freight, a means of transport that is decidedly more costly. How, then, do you go about choosing the company best qualified to conduct the above-mentioned transport? What features and characteristics does it have to have?
Let's find out.

1. Serious transport companies: the necessary licences held by personnel  

Personnel involved in boat transport by ship, also known as skippers, must possess all the necessary licences. They must also have the extensive experience that is required to manage safe and quick transport, even with a small crew. Only the presence of specialised personnel is able to guarantee transports that cover vast distances, such as those going from one part of the Atlantic or Pacific to the other.


2. Serious transport company: the possession of a sailing licence with safety certificate 

For the transport by ship of boats that are less than 24 metres long, the company must hold a regular sailing licence with a safety certificate and the required related insurance, as well as all the legal apparatus.


3. Società di trasporto seria: capacità di eseguire una manutenzione a regola d’arte

One of the major dangers that a company offering boat transport by ship runs into when crossing the oceans is the wear and tear of equipment. Bad weather, salt spray and the humidity of the sea all act to the detriment of the equipment. It is always a good idea to carry out daily checks in order to avoid serious damage occurring to the boats towed by the ship.

A serious and professional company providing boat transport by ship, with all the equipment required in this instance, cannot consider itself to be such if it does not have all kinds of reserves for repairs. It must also have personnel that know how to carry out good, daily maintenance. It is a good idea to always make sure that the ships are always attached to the boat. What's more, when the sea is rough, or extremely choppy, trusting autopilot can be dangerous for the boat being transported, which, could be severely damaged at the wrong moment.


4. Serious transport company: meticulous transport at every step 

A company offering boat transport by ship cannot claim to be serious and qualified if it is not capable of taking care throughout every step of transport. Typically, a captain assumes responsibility for loading the boat and transporting it from the marina to the boarding port. A surveyor will check the conditions of the vessel before it is loaded and will take care of any critical issues.

Once it has been loaded, truly qualified companies offering boat transport by ship will provide an expert report complete with photographs, both in hard copy and digital format. Every boat that is to be transported must be carefully shrink wrapped in thermoplastic material and provided with cradles suitable for any kind of boat, from the smallest to the biggest.


5. Serious transport companies: widespread assistance from other agents

A truly professional company offering boat transport by ship will typically enlist a specialised agent based at the ports of destination who is able to help with discharge and delivery operations. This external support is crucial for getting the enhanced customs assistance that is necessary during the final stage of boat transport by ship. All the discharge and delivery operations must be planned in advance, right down to the smallest details. This comprehensive planning means that any unforeseen event can be minimised in terms of the damage it can cause.

Entrusting a company for boat transport by ship that possesses all the features mentioned above provides an outstanding guarantee. Such a company will be able to adequately resolve any situation that arises, be it expected or unforeseen.

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