Boat transport to and from Sardinia is one of the oldest practices around. Today, however, it has taken on new subtleties. Let's explore them.

The transport scene has changed a lot in recent years: boat transport to/from Sardinia could not escape this trend. The Sardinia port system represents a genuine cornerstone within the infrastructural context of national and international transport.

Sardinia boat transport was and continues to be a useful means for guaranteeing the territorial continuity of the trade of goods and services for all the island's citizens and beyond. This is one of the most significant factors which amounts for a large portion of the island's economy and, more generally, for that of Italy as a whole.


Sardinia boat transport: the sea as a springboard for the economy   

If you consider the fact that almost all trade to and from Italy takes place over sea, then it is clear to see how fundamental Sardinia boat transport is for the Italian economy.
The port system of this island is based on different porting hubs that are represented by one or more ports of different kinds. This wide and solid network of seaports is based upon the Port of Cagliari the Port of Arbatax and the Port of Olbia. The first in particular is made up of a commercial port dealing with passenger traffic and, partly, with the movement of goods in semi-trailers and dry bulk, as well as an industrial port, also known as the Canal Port, where the latter is growing, especially container transport.

This port network represents a real springboard for the Italian economy, which has lost many of its privileged connections internationally. That is why it is imperative that we re-evaluate the Sardinia boat transport sector, making use of the new mechanisms and tools that innovative industry technology has made available to us, especially in recent years.


The new tools for Sardinia boat transport 

Given the importance that Sardinia boat transfer holds within the Italian economy, it is easy to see the importance of companies with the expertise to effectively implement the fruits of technology in boat transport, especially oversized ones, to and from Sardinia.

These boats, in particular - which are vessels that are wider than 3m and over 25m long - actually fall within the exceptional transport category, and require loading and unloading methods that are also exceptional, in terms of weight and size. These vessels, which are being utilised more and more of late, also require specific technical authorisations for boat transport to and from Sardinia. What's more, for these kinds of transport some companies also deal with all the paperwork, ranging from the transit authorisation requests to the provision of technical repairs throughout all of Italy.


What has changed in Sardinia boat transport in the last ten years?

Sardinia boat transport is no simple matter: the related operations that it entails are considerable undertakings. Transport agencies must be experts: just think about the damage that a mistake, even a small one, could cause financially when talking about the boat transport to and from Sardinia of yachts or luxury boats, for example. Transport to and from this island - a bit like occurred all over Italy - used to be done using a trailer of different sizes depending on the size of the boat to be transported.

Today, things have changed: in these cases, you need a large semi-trailer and a cradle that the boat can be secured within. Today agencies offering boat transport to and from Sardinia - if credible and professional - take care of everything, from the route, to the permits and even repairs. Nothing is left to chance or third parties. The boat has to be prepared for transport. Typically, this used to be done with meticulous care by the boat owner.

Today, on the other hand, increasingly it is the same transport staff, when processing boat transport to/from Sardinia, that handle the correct packaging and shrink wrapping of all the unattached or removable parts and the electronic and control equipment, as well as removing - if present - the mast, arch, sails, curtains and tarpaulins, which could interfere with transport.

Often Sardinia boat transfer entails substantial overheads, given the complexity of the operations to be carried out and the number of operators required to do so, however - after careful analysis - it is possible to find a service that is excellent value for money within the market.

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