In the first six months of this year the port of Genoa has handled 26.04 million tons of goods (+ 3.6%). The passenger traffic was 907mila people (+ 0.7%). Amounted to 26.04 million tons of goods traffic handled by the Port of Genoa in the first half of this year, representing a volume increase of 3.6% compared with 25,140,000 tons in the first six months of 2014 . The cargo amounted to 15.41 million tons (+ 4.6%), of which 11.15 million tons of containerized cargo (+ 5.0%) totaled with a container handling totaled 1,133. 117 TEUs (+ 6.9%) and 4.26 million tons of general cargo (+ 3.6%). The traffic of mineral oils totaled 7.88 million tons (+ 2.7%) and that of other liquid bulk to 381 thousand tons (-12.7%), of which 248 thousand tons of chemicals (-7, 2%) and 133 thousand tons of vegetable oil and wine (-21.5%). The volume of dry bulk cargo handled by the port of Genoa was 455mila tonnes (+ 38.0%) to which are added in the industrial sector 83 thousand tons of other dry bulk (10.7%) and 1.33 million tons of steel (-6.1%). Passengers amounted to a total of 907mila (+ 0.7%), of which 368mila cruise passengers (+ 2.1%) and 539 thousand ferry passengers (-0.2%). In the month of June 2015 the port handled 4.38 million tons of cargo, with an increase of + 3.9% on June 2014 and in the month of May 2015 the traffic was 4,730,000 tons , similar to the volume handled in the same month last year.

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