We can't say that summer is just around the corner, however, with the winter chill our thoughts turn even more eagerly towards planning a lovely holiday filled with sun, sea and relaxation.

In this regard, boat transfer by sea becomes particularly useful, allowing you to strive ahead with moving your boat to your favourite locale. The very same boat that you will then use to set off to your desired destinations.


Affordable boat transport: when and how to choose

Boat owners have already made one of the biggest dreams that someone can have come true, at least in part. Quite honestly, it's not enough: to fully enjoy the freedom and the sea, sun and breeze on your face, you need to set your sights on boat transport by sea.

Indeed, such a service can easily overcome the usage limits that a seafaring boat conceals.
Moving a boat is not easy: this manoeuvre requires having the time and money available, as well as the ability to organise the transport in order to cross even extremely vast distances, and to do it well.

That is exactly why choosing to entrust a team of experts with the sea transport of your boat will allow you to better overcome these limits. Of course, it is beneficial to look for companies that offer lower prices, however, in the long run it is crucial to check that the offered service includes the steps listed below, so that the cheap price does not negatively affect the quality:

  • Securing the boat in question, as a preliminary step for boat transport by sea;
  • Loading the boat using a crane;
  • Differentiated transport depending on the size of the boat (conventional or exceptional transport if the vessel is smaller, equal or bigger than 2.55m in length).


Preliminary route assessment and planning

Boat transport by sea can only be truly safe and reliable if it is based on sound, strategic and analytical route planning. This planning step comes before all the measures geared towards guaranteeing flawless transport, which are subsequently necessary. A team can be considered truly competent if – before transporting the vessel – it is actually able to check that the boats are not bigger than the standard dimensions that are typical of conventional convoys.

Moreover, boat transfer by sea can be considered as being flawless only if it provides everything required to acquire all the necessary administrative authorisations, above and beyond the preliminary assessment of the route. Anyone intending to turn to boat transport by sea professionals would, therefore, do well to check that they will see to all the preliminary steps mentioned and described above, before continuing with the actual transport. 


A few little tricks when choosing the perfect operator

So as to select an affordable and safe boat transport by sea service, it is a good idea to pay attention to a few little tricks, including:

  1. it's better to turn to professionals that work within the area where the boat is to be loaded, so that the requested fee is cheaper;
  2. it is good to ask for quotes beforehand;
  3. in order to assess the value for money of the offered service, it is a good idea to check who will be responsible for any damage that occurs during transport in advance; 
  4. it is advisable to assess if and how the transporter intends to secure the boat before transport by sea: all vessels, especially if large and/or high-end, must be carefully prepared for transport.

It seems like it would be easy to find professionals capable of offering a quality service with the lowest cost on the market. However, at the same time, this is no guarantee that the conditions underlying the boat transport by sea service are truly advantageous. Transport planning and organisation and the sound securing of the boats are essential steps in boat transport.

Not all companies working in this sector, however, are able to provide transport that has been organised right down to the smallest detail. This is undoubtedly a drawback: extremely cheap transport that is, however, organised badly, is actually not fit for anyone's interests when all is said and done.

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