In early October, mv RICKMERS DALIAN made a stop-over at the anchorage off Lavrion in Greece to load an impressive mega yacht of 50 meters length and a weight of 340 metric tons. The destination of the yacht was Dubai, where she was safely discharged on 19 October.

mv RICKMERS DALIAN (30,000dwt) is one of nine identical sister vessels of the “Superflex Heavy MPC”-Class employed in Rickmers-Linie’s Round-The-World Pearl String service. She is equipped with adjustable tween decks and can lift units of up to 640 tonnes.

The photo was taken by George Giannakis and shows the mv RICKMERS DALIAN whilst loading the mega yacht off Lavrion.



When you entrust your yacht to Cigisped S.r.l., you can be sure it will be accompanied by world-class personnel during every stage of the carriage along the best-suited route, whether by landair or sea. Upon arrival, it will be handed by qualified and experienced personnel to be delivered to the final destination. We make sure that everything is done in the best possible way. Cigisped's staff and agents at the main ports of departure and arrival are prepared to deal with every expected and unexpected circumstance.

Your yacht will be handed by one of our captains, who will take care of moving it from the marina to the terminal. Should the vessel not be registered, or if necessary for any reason, Cigisped can supply, upon request, a test registration number and relative insurance.

In addition to transferring the vessels between the marina and the port, we also provide qualified assistance for own-account haulage or for preparing the vessel for the sea voyage.

A surveyor will check the conditions of the boat beforehand and will follow all the loading operations for you. An entrusted person will handle any criticality on-site, coordinated by the company headquarters. Once the vessel is loaded, the surveyor will draw up a report with photographic evidence in both hardcopy and digital format.

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