Cigisped shipped  from La Spezia port a tank and its complete plant for the processing of tomatoes with final destination USA-CALIFORNIA .

Cigisped S.r.l's highly specialized personnel and streamlined, dynamic structure allow us to operate quickly, accurately and efficiently and provide the highest quality standards in sea carriage, air carriage, and land carriage.

Our history and extensive network of correspondents in Italy and worldwide allow us to follow the goods every step of the way. This way, we can provide our increasingly demanding clients with efficient and professional assistance. And our clients appreciate the added value ensured by a partner as Cigisped. We specialise in shipping special cargo, especially in shipping yachts. Cigisped provides a wide range of services and meets any requirement, be it handover, surveying and loading supervision, shipment mediation, chartering of highly specialised Ro-Ro (Roll-on/roll-off) ships (for carriage with loading and discharge of road vehicles and goods on pallets or containers for subsequent loading and unloading by means of wheeled vehicles) and Lo-Lo (Lift-on/Lift-off) ships (merchant ships with on-board cranes to load and unload goods). Cigisped's strength is the presence of its agents in the ports of destination. This ensures maximum assistance and highly qualified consultancy for all discharge operations.

The company headquarters is in Genoa, Italy. Cigisped's consolidated position in the international market is ensured by our sales and operations network composed of agents and correspondents. This allows us to follow every stage of the shipment. Cigisped has representative offices in USA, Asia, and Europe.

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