Under the supervision of our surveyor, with the criteria set in the Packing Guidelines for DG strictly followed, stuffing has been conducted carefully to protect the packages against human-caused damages, moisture and like due to careless handling.

  • All packages have been properly packed, securely blocked and braced to prevent the packages from changing position, falling to the floor, or sliding into each other under shocks normally incident.
  • All packages have been externally inspected for damage, and only sound packages have been packed.
  • The container and packages therein were properly marked, labeled and placard.
  • A forklift was used to pack drums into the container.
  • All drums were stowed in upright position with 12 lines x 4 rows for lower layer and 12 lines x 4 rows for the upper layer, evenly distributed and properly over stowed. Between 2 layers was dunnaged with plywood sheet.
  • When completion stowed, the drums are adequately braced with securing wooden panels to prevent drums slipperiness during  CARRIAGE.
  • After that the container‘s door were dully closed and seal by shipping company, the detail are as bellows.



Cigisped S.r.l. was founded in 1985 by the current owners, Francesco Carminati and Alessandro Gatti, President and CEO, respectively. The company's mission is to solve the problems related to freight shipments.

The prestigious family history of both founders has been rooted in the shipping world for over four generations. The opening of overseas offices ensures a high-quality tailor-made service, which is at the base of Cigisped's philosophy.

During the Eighties, the Italian yacht building industry boomed, thanks to the success of Italian yachts in the international markets, including the very much sought-after US market. All this led to the increase in the shipment of yachts by sea, where Cigisped S.r.l has carved out a leading position.

The continuous market developments motivated Cigisped to diversify our activities in all haulage sectors: yacht shipment, air freight, and integrated logistics.

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