Here are all the aspects that need to be evaluated before entrusting the overseas transport of your yacht to a company operating in the sector

Someone who is about to buy a yacht cannot help but be assailed by millions of worries concerning the transport of this elegant and expensive vessel - even the biggest enthusiast in the world.  Overseas yacht shipping, which may be required for a variety of reasons, generally gives rise to many fears: the consequences of a service that has not been carried out flawlessly could be devastating economically.

The same goes for someone purchasing a yacht abroad or from a far-flung location. In this instance, the yacht owner needs to figure out how "to bring it home".The overseas yacht shipping service is a real safety net... yet obviously not in the real sense of the term. This is a service that has been conceived precisely to facilitate the transport of large vessels to and from remote countries. However, we would do well to specify that not all services offered in the sector meet our expectations. Here is an overview of the musts that a truly expert and professional company dedicated to overseas yacht shipping should be able to guarantee.


The guarantee of available space within the transport boat

People that intend to make use of an overseas yacht shipping service, aboard a commercial vessel for example, believe that it is not necessary to "book" a space aboard a carrier. That there is no need to actually make sure that there really is space. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

In actual fact, a serious company dedicated to overseas yacht shipping should guarantee that this space is available themselves when the transport contract is signed. However, unfortunately inefficiency takes over in some cases - as absurd as this may seem. Whether it be due to carelessness when reading/handling the necessary paperwork or due to a failure to check and/or record the exact dimensions of the yacht to be transported, there is no shortage of carriers that are actually unable to allocate the sufficient space required for overseas yacht shipping in order to guarantee a comfortable and safe trip. 


Real experience and expertise in overseas yacht shipping

There are hundreds of shippers that offer a yacht transport service.
Only a handful of these, however, are truly specialised in overseas yacht shipping. They are two different things, two different services that require specialist skills that are just as different. It is one thing to transport a yacht within our national waters, it is another thing entirely to carry out this service overseas.

In the second instance, the company assigned the transport is required to possess specific technical expertise. It is also required to be familiar with international maritime law. Furthermore, it is required to invest much more in staff and equipment. Therefore, it is better to set your sights on a company that is truly sound and reliable and which is actually specialised in overseas yacht shipping.


Meticulous care over documentation 

To carry out overseas yacht shipping flawlessly, all the documentation provided for by law for the service in question must be signed in advance. Every aspect of the latter must be painstakingly organised. The documentation must cover all aspects of the business relationship, including in regards to the insurance coverage that the client needs. The carrier assumes the insurance liability for cargo which - as you can imagine - is extremely valuable.
In fact, we are talking about a yacht, the prices of which range between thousands and millions of Euro.

It follows, then, that the company you choose for overseas yacht shipping must truly be able to guarantee comprehensive coverage in the case of loss or damage to the boat. It is clear that only a company with a strong market position and a considerable size is able to guarantee coverage of this type. It is better, therefore, to count on a limited company and not a small sea transport company, because we are talking about overseas yacht shipping, and thus a service that entails great responsibility, both in terms of the place where the transport takes place and in terms of the cost of this type of boat.

When you select a provider for overseas yacht shipping, it is a good idea to make sure that you are dealing with a professional company. It is best to check the solidity that the company has within both the national and international market before entrusting your boat to them for transport.

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