The global boating market is requiring increasingly large yachts. To meet this requirement and compete at the high-end of the market, Cigisped has invested heavily to provide transport services for any yacht or megayacht.


 We at Cigisped guarantee efficiency and precision in receiving and delivering your goods by involving exclusive world-renowned companies only. Our thirty-year collaboration with the Rickmers Group, one of the world’s leading service providers in the maritime transport sector, allows us to be highly reliable both from an organisational and operational point of view and to meet any delivery time scheduled with our clients under any circumstance.


Cigisped S.r.l. boasts a consolidated experience in sea freight and air freight and integrated logistics. Cigisped S.r.l is a dynamic, ever-growing, and continuously expanding company, which strives for excellence in boat shipping, freight transport, and logistics, intended as planning, implementation and monitoring of the raw material, semi-finished and finished product flow.

  • Our goals are the following: 
  • maintaining our high-quality standards and, where possible, even improve them;
  • expanding our market share, i.e. increasing the number of clients and our turnover;
  • expanding into new markets;
  • providing our personnel with modern and responsive training programmes in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements of our Clients.

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