Frequently Asked Questions, from yacht transport to air freight, from integrated logistics to dangerous goods transport

Q: Yacht transport: when and how can you request it?

The yacht transfer service offered by Cigisped has no limits. The service includes the loading of the boat for transportation from the marina to the boarding port, all of which is covered by expert assistance for all kinds of yachts: luxury yachts, super-yachts, big yachts and mega yachts. Shrink wrapping is also included within the service for yachts and boats.

Q: Integrated logistics: what is it exactly?

Integrated logistics concerns a range of additional services that Cigisped offers its clients. This includes: storage, shrink wrapping for special cargoes, filling and/or emptying containers, LCL consolidation, flat-rack lashing and much more. This is offered all over Italy and abroad.

Q: Air freight: when and how does it take place?

Cigisped has also been Air Freight SRL since 2005: this means that, since then, it has also been able to offer transport by air. Air freight has no limitations or special conditions: containers, boats and yachts of any size and type can be transported.

Q: What kinds of container transport does Cigisped offer?

Cigisped can provide container transport whenever required using bespoke tools and offering superior levels of professionalism. In this regard, the company is able to negotiate service contracts – logistics and transport services to be exact – with major shipping companies. The following can be transported: IN GAUGE CONTAINERS, OUT OF GAUGE CONTAINERS, REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS and INTERMODAL CONTAINERS.

Q: What exactly does the pre-clearing service entail?

Cigisped can also offer pre-clearing at customs, that being customs clearance at sea, for goods being imported. This is an extremely useful process that can do away with port waiting times, thus improving container operations as it can be delivered right after it arrives at the terminal. Thanks to this process the presentation/acceptance of the customs declaration takes place much sooner.

Q: In what instances and under which conditions does cross-trading occur?

Thanks to its partnership with an extensive network of foreign agents located practically in all corners of the globe, the company is able to better manage cross-trading, namely goods transport between two foreign countries, without the need to stop-off in Italy. This includes the entrusted boat being accompanied throughout all transport stages, reception of the boat and its delivery to its destination.

Q: Custom duties: who deals with them in the boat transport contract?

The boat transport service offered by Cigisped also includes customs consultancy and comprehensive assistance with custom duties, both for importing and exporting, as well as new and used boats, offering targeted assistance that changes from client to client depending on their needs and the features of the vessel being transported.

Q: How long does boat transportation take?

Cigisped guarantees absolute precision in its boat pick-up and delivery times. Exact service time frames will be planned on a case-by-case basis with the client and the destination, the type of boat being transported and the methods used in the service (by sea, air, etc.) will all be taken into consideration.

Q: How are boats transported when it involves mega yachts?

Thanks to its extensive experience in the industry, Cigisped is able to meet the transport needs of the yachts offered by the global boat market that are becoming increasingly larger. In this instance, given the dimensions of the vessel, all the measures needed to guarantee high-performance every step of the way are prepared, just as they would be for a small yacht.

Q: When are you presented with hazardous goods? What happens then?

In addition to its traditional services, the company offers some specific ones for hazardous goods, that being goods "for which transport is or becomes dangerous or harmful for planes, people or the cargo during navigation" (Article 817 of the Italian Navigation Code). In this instance, the company offers special insurance that covers all the risks.

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