Cigisped is a leading company in the yacht transport by sea, boat transport and yacht shipping

When you entrust your yacht to Cigisped, excellent staff will take care of it. We take care of it during every stage of the transport, from handover to delivery at the destination. We transport your yacht along the best-suited route, whether by land, by air or by sea. Qualified and experienced staff will hand your yacht. We will do everything in the best possible way. Our staff and agents deal with every expected and unexpected circumstance/feature.

Yacht transport - Cigisped is a leading company in the yacht transport by sea, boat transport and yacht shipping

Yacht handover

One of our captains will take your yacht and will take care of moving it from the marine terminal. Cigisped gives, on request, a trial registration number and safe insurance. We give qualified help for the boat transport between the marina and the port. We also give support to prepare the boat for the journey at sea.

Yacht transport - Yacht handover

Marine survey, inspection and loading supervision

A surveyor will check the conditions of the boat beforehand. He will follow all the loading operations for you. An entrusted person will handle any critical on-site, coordinated by the company headquarters. We will load the yacht and the surveyor will draw up a report. We will save all photographic evidence in both hard copy and digital format.

Yacht transport - Marine survey, inspection and loading supervision

Chartering of highly specialized lo/lo ships

We always rely on the best shipping companies and we focus on non-stop routes. We can use dedicated boat carriers equipped with special equipment. Cigisped offers transport service for luxury yacht, super-yacht, large yacht and mega yacht.

We can also use semi-submersibles. In this way, we can submerge their cargo holds, where the mega yachts can float into place. After we will secure the boat on board, when the deck is dry.

Yacht transport - Chartering of highly specialized lo/lo ships

Shrink wrapping

Cigisped also provides a shrink-wrapping service. We cover your boat partly, to protect its most sensitive parts, or completely with a shrink film and protective netting. Selected materials made with 240 micron and 12 months anti-UV rays shrink-wrap polyethylene make up these cover.

The thickness chosen ensures the highest resistance even under the harshest weather conditions. Therefore, UV resistance prevents the sun damage to the covers.

Yacht transport - Shrink wrapping

Yacht and boat cradle supply

Another significant service we offer are the cradles. With these cradles, it is possible to transport any type of boat, from the smallest to the largest. Shipyards and specialist nautical surveyors help Cigisped to choose the best cradles. All this allows us to give Clients with a “door-to-door” service. We sure to carry out every shipment under all safety conditions.

Yacht transport - Yacht and boat cradle supply

Boat insurance and yacht insurance

From the beginning of the loading operations to the destination, Cigisped provides yacht with an insurance policy. This insurance covers fire, damage, theft, or any other inconvenience that may occur during the travel.

Yacht transport - Boat insurance and yacht insurance

Assistance at ports of destination

A specialist Cigisped agent will follow all the discharge and delivery operations at the port of arrival, and will offer customs assistance. Our agents in all major world ports will help you in discharge and delivery operations. Cigisped provides boat-shipping services worldwide, including Australia, Canada, United States of America and the Philippines.

Yacht transport - Assistance at ports of destination

Yacht and boat air freight

For urgent shipments, upon request, we can load the yacht on special cargo plane.

Yacht transport - Yacht and boat air freight

Overland yacht and boat transport

Cigisped provides overland transport services across Europe. The Company uses carriers with proper vehicles for transporting boats. We can transport yacht of any model not only from the main ports, but also from all nautical locations.

Yacht transport - Overland yacht and boat transport

Customs clearance process

Cigisped provides customs consultancy and help for the import and export transport of yacht, boat and nautical equipment. Loading operations and logistics will be easier. Our specialized consulting service facilitates operations for both new and used yacht. We will please any need our Clients may have.

Yacht transport - Customs clearance process
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